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Teresa was a saint

I'm known as Tracy

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Born Teresa Draco, Tracy has had a troubled life. She lost her mother early, and then was shipped away to boarding school. She married very young, to Count Giulio di Vicenzo, and they had a child. However, the Count stole her money and left her, dying soon after. Their child also passed, after suffering spinal meningitis.

Tracy was at her breaking point, running wild, spending fast, ready to quit life. Then she met one James Bond, who became a good friend, someone to love, and encouraged her to go away for a while, seek help. She did so, and it was wonderfully beneficial. When she returned, he proposed. They married. It would not be easy but they had a chance of saving each other and all the time in the world.

Blofeld killed her before they even reached their honeymoon. Since then, everything has changed but Tracy hasn't noticed.
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~Tracy is from On Her Majesty's Secret Service. She is portrayed here and in the movie by Diana Rigg.~
~I am of no affiliation with any part of the 007 franchise, and take no profit from this venture.~